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Proven Record of Winning

The Florida Bar does not approve or review the case results that criminal defense lawyers listed on their website. Not all results are provided, and the results are not necessarily representative of the results obtained in all cases. Past results are not necessarily an indication of a future result for any prospective client because the individual facts and circumstances may differ from those criminal cases mentioned herein.

Case No: 19-XXXXXXCF10A
Facts:  The defendant was involved in a physical fight where it was alleged that he stabbed the victim multiple times in the head and neck.  Mr. Sobel was contacted prior to an arrest being made and negotiated a peaceful surrender with the police department.  Immediately Mr. Sobel began an intensive investigation, obtaining witness statements and evidence.  Due to the evidence uncovered, Mr. Sobel was able to have the defendant released on bond while the case was pending.   Ultimately, after an exhaustive investigation by Mr. Sobel, the case was dismissed prior to the filing of any formal charges.   

United States v XXXXXXXXXX
Case No: 18CRXXXXXX-Ungaro

Facts:  The defendant was one of 60+ people indicted in a multi-million dollar international money laundering operation.  After careful review of the discovery and the production of favorable defense evidence, Mr. Sobel was able to negotiate the intended loss for the defendant to a significantly lower number.  This negotiation was essential as it lowered the advisory sentencing guidelines by over 2 years.  At the sentencing hearing, while the overwhelming majority of defendant received significant federal prison sentences, Mr. Sobel was able to secure a sentence of probation for his client.   


Case No: 15-XXXXXXCF10A

Facts:  The defendant owed a considerable amount of money to an individual.  That person sent a "collector" to get the money from the defendant.  When the collector showed up at the defendant's house unannounced, the defendant invited him in so that he could buy time as he did not have the money.  After a period of time, and repeated requests for the money, the defendant finally told the collector that he did not have the money.  Immediately upon hearing that he was not going to be able to get the money, the collector it the defendant in the head with an unknown object.  The defendant fearing that he was going to get hurt or killed fought back.  During the course of the fight, it was alleged that the defendant hit the collector in the head with an axe.  The defendant was charged with attempted murder.

Outcome:  Mr. Sobel launched a relentless investigation into the case.  Depositions, forensic investigators and experts were consulted.  After the discovery was complete, a "Stand Your Ground" motion was filed.  Hours before the hearing was to begin, the Office of the State Attorney dismissed the case.

United States vs XXXXXX XXXXXXX
Case No: 18CRXXXXXX (Middle District of Florida)
Facts:  The defendant was alleged to be involved in a conspiracy to purchase and ship firearms out of the country.  Mr. Sobel was able to negotiate a resolution where the government requested a probation sentence.  Ultimately, the defendant was sentenced to probation even though the probation department was suggesting a significant prison sentence.    

Case No: 17XXXXXXCF10A

Facts:  The defendant was arrested and charged with one count of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Firearm).  It was alleged that the defendant got into a heated argument with his girlfriend and that at some point during the argument, the defendant took out a gun, loaded the chamber and pointed it at the girlfriend.  It was further alleged that the girlfriend’s adult son witnesses the incident.  The police took sworn statements from the girlfriend and son and arrested the defendant.

Outcome:  Mr. Sobel was hired and immediately began investigating the case.  Mr. Sobel was able to present facts and legal argument to the State Attorney's Office and the case was dismissed before any court hearing.  The defendant never stepped foot in a courtroom.



Case No: 15XXXXXXCF10A

Facts:  The defendant was riding his bicycle in a neighborhood minding his own business.  An undercover detective began to trail him thinking that he was suspicious.  The detective never observed any criminal activity but continued to follow the defendant, even requesting additional units.  The defendant went behind a convenience store with another male who was a known drug dealer.  The detective pulled up next to the defendant and turned on his lights to do an investigatory stop.  Ultimately, the detective found cocaine on the defendant and arrested him charging him with possession.

Outcome:  The defendant was represented by another lawyer for a year and nothing was done on the case.  Mr. Sobel was retained and immediately set depositions.  Based on the deposition, Mr. Sobel filed a Motion to Suppress.  Prior to the hearing on the Motion to Suppress, the state conceded to the motion and dismissed the case.


Case No: 16-xxxxxxCJ10A

Facts:  The defendant was a minor child who was alleged to have forced another student to steal a cell phone from another girl at school.  The whole incident was caught on camera and both the defendant and the other minor confessed to the crime.

Outcome:  After extensive deposition and discovery work, Mr. Sobel filed a Motion to Suppress the statement due to a Miranda violation. Ultimately, the state conceded to the motion prior to the hearing and dismissed the charge of Robbery.


Case No 14-XXXXXXCF10A

Charge: Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer-- 3-year minimum sentence up to a maximum of 30 years as the defendant was deemed to be a habitual offender.

Facts:  It was alleged that the police saw the defendant driving a motorcycle without a tag.  The police officer pulled his vehicle in front of traffic and got out of his car.  The defendant was sitting in between two other cars in a bottleneck.  The officer was 10-15 feet away with his hand on his taser yelling for the defendant to get off the motorcycle.

The officer alleged that the defendant then revved the engine of the motorcycle and launched it at the officer.  The officer testified that he had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit.  The motorcycle then hit a car and the defendant ran.  The officer then alleged that the defendant confessed to the crime.

During cross-examination, Mr. Sobel was able to show numerous inconsistencies in the officer's testimony from the physical evidence. Mr. Sobel went through each detail in meticulous fashion for the jury.  Mr. Sobel showed that the physical evidence did not match the testimony of the officer.

The jury returned a verdict of not guilty to the aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and leaving the scene of the accident.  The verdict shows that the jury rejected the testimony of the officer, including a confession.


Case No: 12-XXXXXXCF10A

Facts: The defendant along with his girlfriend were observed by Fort Lauderdale Police detectives to have entered a known narcotics location. The detectives indicate that the defendant exited the residence after a short period of time. The detectives believing that entering and exiting a residence after a short period of time was indicative of a drug transaction conducted a consensual encounter with the defendant.

During the consensual encounter, one of the detectives asked the defendant for permission to conduct a pat-down search. It is alleged that during the pat-down search, the detective felt what he believed from knowledge, training, and experience to be pills wrapped in a napkin. The detective then went into the defendant's pocket and removed the napkin. The detective seized ten, yellow in color oval pills which were confirmed to be Hydrocodone. The defendant was arrested and charged with trafficking in Hydrocodone between 4 and 14 grams.

Outcome: Mr. Sobel took the depositions of the detectives involved in the stop and search of the defendant. Based upon information from the depositions, Mr. Sobel was able to file a Motion to Suppress. Mr. Sobel argued that there was no possible way that the office knew of the incriminating nature of the pills prior to their seizure as was required by law.

Prior to the hearing on the Motion to Suppress, the Office of the State Attorney offered to reduce the charge to a lesser charge and allow the defendant to enter a plea and receive a withheld adjudication. The defendant avoided the mandatory minimum three-year sentence and was not branded a convicted felon.



Case No: M13-XXXXX (Miami Dade County)

Facts: It was alleged that the defendant got into a physical altercation with her sister. The sister alleged that the defendant bit her while she was drunk and fighting over a family matter. It was further alleged that the defendant's minor child witnessed the altercation. When the police arrived, the defendant was arrested and charged with domestic violence battery. The police took pictures of the injuries.

Outcome: Mr. Sobel ran his own investigation in this matter. After extensive investigation and work, Mr. Sobel was able to convince the Office of the State Attorney that there was no reasonable likelihood of conviction based upon his investigation. The state dismissed the charges at the sounding.


Case No: 17-xxxxxxCF10A

Facts:  The defendant was arrested when the car that he was a passenger was riding in was stopped.  When the offices approached the vehicle smelled like marijuana.  The officer asked the defendant his name and the officer alleged that the defendant mumbles something.  The officer believed that the defendant had something in his mouth and ordered that he spit it out.  The Officer ordered the defendant a second time and placed his hand on the defendant's chest.  The defendant spit out a felony amount of marijuana.

Outcome:  Mr. Sobel took the depositions of both of the officers and filed a motion to suppress.  After reviewing the law cited in the motion to suppress, the state dismissed the case the day of the motion was to be heard.



Facts: The defendant was arrested and charged with DUI Manslaughter when the car that she was driving struck a tree and her passenger was killed.  The police and Fire Rescue airlifted her to the trauma unit for medical treatment and saw that she was under the influence of both alcohol and drugs.

Outcome:  Mr. Sobel was hired immediately and began negotiations with the detective and the state attorney's office in this case.  Mr. Sobel was able to secure her release on a considerably low bond due to the early cooperation.  Mr. Sobel mounted an aggressive defense by deposing numerous witnesses and filing of multiple motions to suppress and motions in limine.  A plea deal was reached with the State Attorney's office for two years in prison, two years house arrest and 2 years of probation.  This offer was below the recommended guideline range of 10 years in prison and below the 4-year minimum mandatory sentence required by law.

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