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Representing With Respect

If you have been charged with a Federal Criminal offense, you need an experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you. Federal Criminal cases are generally more severe than those crimes prosecuted in state criminal court. Federal agencies that investigate the crimes are usually better funded and staffed. These cases are not your average street crime but rather usually complex matters. The federal criminal system is the big leagues of criminal defense and you need an experienced, aggressive and relentless federal criminal defense attorney at your side.

Federal criminal charges are different from state criminal charges in important ways, including:
  • Federal crimes tend to carry longer sentences and larger fines than state crimes.

  • Federal law enforcement officers and prosecutors usually spend more time and effort on each case. This shows in the average conviction rate, which is around 97% for federal criminal cases.

  • Federal criminal prosecutions tend to involve more complex legal and factual issues, and a larger volume of evidence.  

  • Pretrial release is an important factor, because federal cases can take a long time to resolve.


Given all of these factors, an effective defense in a federal criminal case requires a dedicated, skilled, and experienced federal criminal defense lawyer, who is familiar with the federal courts and the federal criminal law. 

The Law Office of David J. Sobel is a boutique criminal defense firm. What this means is that Mr. Sobel only takes on a certain number of cases at any given time. This allows Mr. Sobel to personally handle every issue in every case. You will not speak with a secretary or paralegal but rather directly with Fort Lauderdale Federal Criminal Defense Attorney David J. Sobel. Every case, every person and every issue is important and that is why Mr. Sobel insists on being the only person that you will deal with during your cases.

100% of our practice is devoted to criminal defense work. Mr. Sobel has said that “this is not just my job or career but my passion in life.” It is this dedication that separates Mr. Sobel as a criminal defense attorney. Every client gets David Sobel’s cell phone number so that they can stay in touch 24/7.

When evaluating a case, Mr. Sobel knows that there are never small cases as each case is a fight for that client’s freedom. Mr. Sobel provides aggressive and proactive criminal defense strategies. No two cases are alike and thus no two case strategies should be alike. Each matter is evaluated on a case by case basis so that a defense strategy can be developed.



We handle all criminal cases including:

Mail Fraud

Health Care Fraud

Social Security Fraud

Weapons Offenses

Possession of a Firearm by Felon

Identity Theft


Cyber Crimes

Target Letters

For a free consultation, please call David J. Sobel and speak directly at 954-383-3000.  
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