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Amazing lawyer. Very aggressive and understands the law to an exceptional level. He has saved my life. Trust in Mr. Sobel he’s the man you need to represent your rights and ensure you get the fair trial we as people deserve.


David Sobel will go the extra mile for you and he will treat you as a person he genuinely cares for. He is a man of his word. He has so much knowledge of the laws; he is humble and very self-controlled. He is reliable and I don’t know how but he answers the phone himself unless he is spending time with his Family. GOD bless him!


Thanks to my attorney David J Sobel, my life is back to normal. I had an unfortunate domestic situation happened in public with my wife which turned into me getting arrested 5 months later. I had never been in a situation like this before and certainly didn't want to spend any time in jail (worst case scenario) or have an assault on my record. I called David often to discuss my case, defense and possible outcomes in case I were to be arrested and he politely calmed me down and made me feel like as at ease as possible. In the end, my result was excellent, no jail and provided I take a few classes, no jail. Thanks, David.


In 2015 I was involved in a very bad accident and I ended up in the hospital where they took my blood and urine sample. About 3 months later I received a letter in the mail stating besides the 2 Reckless driving tickets I got from the Officers, They added a  DUI to the case. I immediately called Mr. Sobel and explained what happened and I asked him if he would take the case. Without hesitation, he said yes. Even knowing I had one of the best Trial Lawyers I still was still thinking my life as I knew it was over. When I tell you I thought the courts were going to make an example out of me is an understatement. By the time he took all of the depositions from officers, nurses, and witnesses he found major flaws in just about everything they told him. The State's Attorney came to us with a plea bargain and reluctantly I agreed. When we went into court to take the plea bargain, the Judge didn’t like it and added another stipulation to the plea bargain that there was no way I was going to be able to fulfill. The court rejected the offer as too lenient.  They set another date where Mr. Sobel could present the evidence.  I got a call from Mr. Sobel a week later telling me the State Attorney was going to drop all charges against me and I kept asking Mr. Sobel are you serious, he said yes. I was in disbelief.  So I strongly suggest that if you are looking for a great Lawyer I can tell you right now Mr. Sobel is the man for you. He is a seasoned Trial Lawyer and there is a huge difference between just a Lawyer that looks for a plea bargain and a tried and true Trial Lawyer. I owe this man my life. He and his knowledge of the Law gave me my freedom and life back. And I Just can’t thank him enough. I really can’t. You have to ask yourself a question when something unforeseen like this happens that could change your life forever. How do you put a price on your freedom? So believe me when I tell you that if you're in need of a good Trial Lawyer Then I would tell you who exactly to go to, and that is The Law Offices of David Sobel. He doesn’t want plea bargains, He wants what is best for you. And he put in Long hours for me and went above and beyond what a normal Lawyer would do. He is a winner, and that is exactly what he is. A Winner! If you do exactly what he tells you to do, and be 100% honest with him good or bad, he will take a bad situation and make it right. So Thank God I had Mr. Sobel represent me. There was not one time he didn’t pick up the phone for me. And if he was unavailable, he would call me back immediately when he was done working on his other case’s. So in closing, it was an honor to have Mr. David Sobel represent me. And I am so Thankful to him for all his hard work, and commitment to me, my family and my case. Thank you, David, for everything, you are truly a Winner!


Absolutely the best decision I ever made. Mr. Sobel was extremely professional and stayed on top of the case until it was dismissed.  Great job!!  Can’t even describe how professional Mr. Sobel is.  It is unbelievable that he is always available. He almost never misses a phone call and if he does you can bet he will call you back in less than 5 min.


David Sobel had been more than a great lawyer, he’s been a friend. He genuinely cares and does all he can to help. I would recommend him to anyone. 


By far one of the best Criminal Defense Attorney out there. He has gotten me out of a bad situation not once but twice. Just let him do his thing and he will deliver the absolute best possible outcome. I trust David Sobel and highly recommend him to family, friends, and anyone in need of a great attorney.  

-M. Y.

Mr. Sobel is outstanding. He was always available and answered all of our questions. He gave a discount on the second filing. He thinks outside the box and is determined to help his clients. Would recommend him to anyone.


David helped me when I was in the worst Jam of my life, without going into details I was falsely accused of a crime by an ex which would have ruined my life. After interviewing several attorneys I chose to go with David who came across as professional and capable of delivering on his promises. David always made sure to answer my questions and concerns in a timely manner, you will appreciate this quality when dealing with a serious issue. He also did not make promises he could not keep just to earn my business. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who needs representation.


Mr. Sobel is one of the best! I have had him work on my cases through the years as well as referred him to others. Not I nor anyone who has hired him on have ever had any complaints only praises! He is always available to answer the phone no matter what day or time which most attorneys won't. Mr. Sobel fights for you in court and gets the best results/sentencing. I strongly recommend him as an attorney! You will be extremely satisfied!


I had never had to work with an attorney before I worked with David Sobel. To be honest, I was very hesitant due to family and friends past experiences. I searched online and called about 5 or 6 different attorneys. Only 2 called me back within a few minutes. One was David and the other will remain nameless. I spoke with the nameless attorney first. He was talking really fast and not answering any of my questions. He was more concerned about wanting to fax me commitment papers to sign and getting my credit card number for full upfront payment. He told me that we could discuss my case as soon as he received the paperwork and CC number. When I spoke to David Sobel, he was more concerned about my case and he gave me good advice as far as the laws, steps, and process, even before I ever committed to him! David reassured me that payment was not the most important issue as his office had a few payment options that would fit my situation. Obviously, I went with David as my attorney and it truly was the best decision. David kept me extremely updated with the details of my case every step of the way. He answered every call and email in a very timely manner. He truly was 24/7 as advertised! He never promised me results or outcomes, but he did promise me that he knew the law and would research and work on my case with 100% of his effort. That was good enough for me. Without going into the details of my case, I can tell you that David 110% delivered on his word! With some extra research and knowledge of past case results similar to mine, David was able to get an overwhelmingly positive ruling in my favor from the judge and my case. It was a better result that I could ever imagine. I can’t thank him enough for all of his time, knowledge, and effort. He put me at ease from our first conversation until the case was complete. Even if it was free, I would never use any other attorney except for David Sobel. I highly recommend him if you are seeking an attorney that is straightforward and will do his job. Job well done, David!!!!!


Mr. Sobel is one of the nicest and most helpful people I have ever met. He does NOT live up to the stereotype that all lawyers are just out for their money. Mr. Sobel did everything in his power to make sure that my best interest was looked out for. He did such a good job that our honorable judge called a sidebar and told him, “you did your job too well”. I could not be more happy with the services and care that I received from his office. He is a very personal and hands-on person. When you hire him, you will be dealing with him, not his paralegal. Professionalism at it’s best!! Do yourself a favor and call his offices even if you need simple advice. He is ALWAYS available.


David Sobel is such a thorough and exceptional attorney. I have been knowing Mr. Sobel for almost 2 years in him handling my case, and from beginning to end, he did not once lie to me and over-delivered his results. His fees are more than reasonable and his personal attention to my case and my life boasted my confidence in his legal abilities. If ever you need a Defense Attorney I STRONGLY recommend Mr. David J. Sobel!!!


I had an emergency and needed an attorney. I went to consult with another lawyer in David’s office suite, and she referred him to me. His first consultation was free and I retained him, especially because of his WINNING record. David is very knowledgeable and efficient, but the best thing is that he is very accessible by telephone – you can reach him any time, day or night. Also, he was there at every court proceeding and even represented me one time without me having to be there in court. He also gave me a discount on a separate document filing. I would recommend Attorney Sobel to anyone who needs a hard-working, caring, and understanding lawyer.  


David Sobel is an exceptional criminal defense attorney with outstanding integrity and ethics second only to his determination and drive to ensure the right outcome for his clients. We particularly liked that David was tech savvy and extremely responsive to our phone calls and email messages despite having other clients. Other aspects were his ability to take time to consider his client's input and viewpoints and not be afraid to adjust his approach based on that input. Mr. Sobel went the extra mile to help our family in our moment of need and we are indebted to him for his services that I can’t state strongly enough, are exemplary to his profession.


David Sobel is a fantastic DUI defense attorney. Never having to hire a lawyer before, David took the time to listen to everything I had to say and explain my options in a very easy to understand fashion. Thanks again, David!! Anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney in Ft Lauderdale should at least consult with David on your case.


David Sobel is an excellent attorney, he handled my case quickly, and professionally. I felt perfectly comfortable leaving everything in his hands.


David did exactly what he said he would do for me….fight for my rights and do so until the end. I am 100% satisfied with efforts he put forth in my case, kept me informed throughout the whole ordeal on his every move. I knew what to expect and he returned every phone call. I recommend this man as an attorney to anyone who would ask.


Mr. Sobel is a true professional. He always is there and knows the answers to any of my questions and/or concerns. I have heard from colleagues of their difficulties when trying to reach their lawyer. However, this is not the case with David Sobel. Among the knowledge and skills he brings to the table, he’s always available and I recommend him as a first and only choice.


Mr. Sobel handled two different misdemeanors and cleared both out my way. Mr. Sobel is definitely persistent and on top of his game. He is straight forward, & reasonable, therefore I have referred him to friends, family, & few of my clients.

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